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Ikat Collection

In long-ago antiquity an early form of storytelling was born among the women of ancient Indonesian villages, where skilled weavers entwined secret myths and rituals deep into patterns of cloth, imbuing the fabric with unusual powers. Today, one can find the echo of these ancient motifs in Michou’s Ikat Collection. Unravel mysterious stories within the exotic array of gently hammered silver shapes, delicately pierced with intricate patterns and finished in meticulous silver granulation. Imagine secrets told within the whirling pins, floating pendant shapes, earring hoops, and striking gold cuffs. Hear voices resonating within stones of frosty aquamarine chalcedony, baby blue topaz, amethyst, and cool lemon quartz ringed in silver bezels. Surely magic is woven here. Listen close and hear the tales woven by the weaver’s hands, whispered by mysterious strangers on long-ago dusty roads, and passed across the continents. Now, the mysteries of Ikat are yours to tell.

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