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Waterfall Collection

In the cool wooded clearing, bright sunlight filters to the forest floor, striking rainbows against mist-sprayed air and moss-covered boulders sleek with cold. Feathered thickets of willow drink in the silver air. Imaginary hideaways fold into rock, fern, and riverbank. Welcome to Waterfall, Michou’s newest Art to Wear statement, a collection of clean, crisp designs softened by liquid showers of cable in fine silver chain that drape and gather before ending in smooth, golden wire droplets, glistening sterling beads, or a splash of color. Bright jewel tones cool each piece of Waterfall, stones in blue topaz and vivid green peridot, ripe rhodolite garnet and juicy amethyst.. As with every Michou collection, fresh magic is in the tiniest details – smooth, flat hinges cradling stones within silver and gold bezels, sinuous scrollwork, fluid pleats of woven chain poured onto brooches and trickled onto rings for finger, ear, and bracelet.. Wear Waterfall as a collection for all springtime’s sun turns into summer’s heat, as bright colors blaze into fall, or as a frosty embrace of cool sophistication in winter to refresh heart and skin.

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