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Serengeti Collection

Deep in Africa’s heartland, the rich Serengeti savannah is home to beauty and danger in equal measures. Exotic beasts roam its endless miles while life plays out with infinite rhythm against the sea of undulating grasses. Like its African namesake, the Serengeti collection is a rich landscape full of Michou’s stunning signature details. Start with long, sinuous braids of sterling silver, hand-woven like tall grasses of the savannah plains, then wrapped into soft loops and graceful folds. Tiny cuffs capture each loop, adorned with Michou’s scrollwork pattern of intricate, hand tooled gold vermeil filigree onto shimmering matte silver and fine wire accents. One part of Serengeti is supple and classic, its clean silver loops formed into lush drop earrings, pins, and pendants. Another part is daring and dramatic, with rings, bracelets, and sculptured necklaces framing bold scrollwork elements against the flash of sterling silver. No matter which path you take, every intricate detail captivates and enchants – from the movement of the braids within their cuffs to the clever clasps and the accents in pearl and faceted black onyx. But most of all, Serengeti is meant to be agile, free-moving, and the grasses that shimmer in the wind, or the big cats that prowl within.

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