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Waterdance Droplets It’s going to rain.

Inside, a simple pane is all that holds back rainfall’s enormous beads from your skin. You watch as the water joyfully twists and turns down the glass until each rounded teardrop is beautifully immobilized into place.

Michou’s Waterdance collection is inspired by the fresh, delicious expectation of coming rain. Rivulets of gold vermeil trace the pathways of water along a backdrop of silky, pearlescent silver and follows them, free flowing, to connect with cool, vibrant stones.

Waterdance drinks the cool downpour and nourishes the Soul with reflective drops of luminescent rainbow moonstone that cleanse both mind and spirit. The springtime lilac of African amethyst gathers Earth’s innate wisdom, and rose quartz opens the heart to receive the raspberry brilliance of rhodolite garnet, which fills the dark spaces of our inner self with illumination and healing.

In this collection, ancient elements of Air and Water combine to form jewelry of thoroughly striking beauty to delight the thirsty spirit. The large, sculpted Waterdance cuff features rivulets captured against soft pearlized silver, while rain-splattered beads of glistening water are frozen into graceful necklines and droplets are captured in posted earrings.
Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Faceted Rainbow Moonstone, Faceted Rose Quartz
- Item 192025 Sterling Silver Ring with Peridot, Envy Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz $135
- Item 192012 Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Pendant with Sky Blue Topaz and Green Amethyst $145
- Item 192024 Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Bracelet with Peridot, Envy Topaz, Green Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz and Trendy Solo Topaz $695
- Item 192011 Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Earring with Sky Blue Topaz and Green Amethyst $140
- Item 192022 Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Necklace with Prehnite, Sky Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst, Peridot and Baby Blue Topaz $325